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Block chain for Traceability & Food Safety

TraceX Technologies Private Limited


Stage/Post Harvest Stage

 FOODSIGN is a blockchain-powered digital agriculture solution that ensures connected, clean,
BLOCKCHAIN to enable multiple
participants across the supply chain to securely exchange data via a shared digital ledger. Starting from
the farmer ecosystem all the way to the consumer (farm-to-fork): field-level information including
farmer, farm, crop, agriculture practices, including the movement of the commodity within the value
chain to generate a digital identity for a physical commodity and eventually build traceability to prove
provenance via a simple QR Code. The salient features of the solution are:
Farm Management System Comprehensive functionality to manage multiple eco system such
as FPOs, Co-Ops & Contract Farming
Crop Monitoring Geo mapping of farm locations, Crop Planning, Package-of-Practices, Input
Planning, Crop stage monitoring, Crop activity monitoring, Weather forecasts
Mobility Multi-lingual, off-line enabled easy to use mobile application for farmers and fields
Post-Harvest Management Flexible post-harvest processing and manufacturing
configuration, warehouse receipts, storage, processing, Inventory and Sales
Food safety and Traceability Comprehensive pre and post-harvest traceability via a QR Code
on Blockchain across the supply chain

Data Analytics – Intelligent insights into on-field and off-the-field activities


 Our technology brings benefits to all the participants across the supply chainFarmers: Better Planning, Precise and targeted advisory in the local language regarding crop protection and soil nutrition via the package of practices, reduces input costs, increased production, digital inventory, traceability leading to better market linkage and credit access for farmers.

Producer Organization: Standardization of production practices, better yield forecasts and estimations, better production and sales planning, real-time visibility into farm activities, Inventory management, farm-level traceability.

Others: Compliance to food safety, quality and traceability. Enhanced brand value, better collaboration, Reliable and verifiable data available via the Blockchain. Comprehensive real-time data & intelligence, user-friendly digital tools help manage risks and enable quick decision making.


Test Marketing Completed 

We currently have 10+ B2B customers, 4000+ Farmers, 2000+ Ha for land mapped across 4 states in India. We work in many value chains such as Maize, Chilli, Coffee, Tomato, Fresh Produce and so on. Some of our customers are MTR Foods, Tata Rallis, Slay Coffee, India Foundation for HumanisticLearning, Aditi Organics, OxyLoan, Badabon Farmer Producer Company, Sri Sri Institute of Agricultural Sciences and Technology and so on 


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We work with B2B customers in Agri, Agri-allied and food sectors. Typical customers are farmer producer companies, Food Corporations, Food retailers, Agri lending and insurance companies, Resource institutions, NGOs, Government, Seed/Input providers, Fertilizer companies, Farm equipment companies, etc.


 Service (SaaS) application. A combination of multi-tenant application architecture, Cloud Computing, auto-scaling and load-balancing features provide the required support for the solution to be more scalable with sudden workload. Furthermore, the system APIs can run on a separate container making it highly scalable. Both the middle tier and the Blockchain.

Resource utilisation, scaling up resources when needed then scaling down resources when they are not being used. Additional native cloud services (e.g. Auto Scaling, multiple storage services, and relational database as service) can help ensure that resources are being used efficiently, and cost optimisation is achieved through a continuous cycle of assessment, benchmarking, and integrationWe use Amazon VPC to control network access and increase privacy. Data in transit is encrypted using TLS across all services. Daily automated snapshots ensure business continuity under the unlikely event of system failures. A high degree of data security is achieved in the platform using a combination of Blockchain, Encryption, SSL Secure Communication, authentication, and role-based user authorization. While SSL protects the data in transit, across the system role-based access control ensures that only users with relevant access can perform actions. All the API calls as well are secured through an access token and SSL layers. Comprehensive logging both at the middle tier and Blockchain ensures a detailed audittrail of operations and to debug problems in configuration and code.


One of the key factors in success for any large scale commercialisation is effective collaboration. We intend to work closely with the state agriculture department (Agri-extension officers, Marketing federation), Resource institutions, and Local agri universities, leverage existing infrastructure (coldchain, market yards, warehouse, processing infrastructure etc). It is critical to map and get the existing data digitised to build a connected supply-chain and ensure end-to-end success. This requires inter department co-ordination and single point of contact to facilitate quick and effective decision making.


Our licensing model is per farmer/month: Depending on the volumes, the list price varies between Rs.25/farmer/month to Rs.100/Farmer/Month. Additionally, a one-time fee for service provisioning, configuration and training fee is applicable which depends on the # of farmers, # of trainings and so on.


Our technology delivers next-gen digital agriculture solution which ensures connected, clean, traceable and transparent supply chain. The multi-lingual app enables inclusive participation from the marginalised section of the farming community, works in offline mode and enables low cost delivery of crop, weather advisory helping farmers get timely access to actionable information. This leads to better crop protection, adoption of standard production practices, Quality produce, reduction of input cost, access to credit, traceability, market linkages leading to better incomes. The connected supply chain helps showcase sustainable sourcing, impact metrics (economic, social & environmental), consumer trust, compliance to food safety & sustainability standards and participate in global markets.  




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