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Super GRT (Super Grain Recognition) Procurement Platform

Retranz Infolabs Private Limited

                                      TECHNOLOGY BRIEF

SuperGRT is an innovative technology to assess the quality of the dry agri commodities like Rice and Wheat using image processing and artificial intelligence technology. Through this application, photographs of grain samples can be assessed to deliver the physical quality characteristics of the sample like average length, average width, broken percentage, colour consistency etc. The quality characteristics of this particular sample are then matched with the standard characteristics of different grades of marketable products pre-defined by SuperZop as standard samples. Through the comparison with the standard grades it predicts the grade of grains and ensures it is procured and sold at the right price.
This SuperGRT technology will be integrated with our procurement platform SuperBid. Farmer Producer Organization (FPOs) and Farmers will be able to list their products on the platform and this technology will be able to assess the quality of the product instantly and at scale


This technology solves the main challenge of quality assessment on the go in online procurement of Agriculture commodities. With the help of this technology, FPOs and farmers can get their product assessed instantly, without any equipment and from any location by just taking the picture of the produce. This will help providing market access to FPOs and farmers along with providing quality based remuneration


Acquired more than 100 customers   

We are currently using this technology for assessment of incoming quality of agriculture commodities in our warehouse. This technology is integrated with SuperBid, the marketplace procurement platform of SuperZop, which has listed more than 100 mills/processors/FPOs on the platform.   


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Target users of this technology will be FPOs and farmers who will list their products on SuperBid platform to sell their produce and SuperGRT will provide independent assessment of the quality thus determining the price of the product as per quality


As this uses mobile phone camera images and does not require any additional equipment, this is scalable at large scale and will provide market access to millions of farmers. With the huge penetration of camera based smart mobile phones across the county, all the farmers from across the remote location can upload their produce on this platform and can get instant results on quality characteristics.


We will be requiring huge data set of agriculture products to increase the accuracy of the application. However, with our innovative technology of converting videos to images, we can quickly get lakhs of images in limited time.


The unit cost of the license will be nominal as we would want to build the product on mass scale. The operating cost of the product will be zero. SuperZop is India’s first vernacular B2B Grocery e-commerce platform that is transforming the unorganized retail sector. With the power of SuperZop, the retailer’s competitiveness increases by helping the retailer buy smarter and better. SuperZop procures directly from farmers thereby ensuring the retailers get the best quality and price.


This technology will help in doing the quality assessment of agriculture products at scale and with almost zero cost. This will help in transforming the current way of quality assessment in agriculture sector. Also, this will help the farmers in selling their produce to large number of users through the online platforms. 




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