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BigHaat - Online platform for Agri Inputs


Stage of adaption :

Crop Planning Stage/Cultivation stage

BigHaat is a farmer centric digital platform offering high quality and wide range of farm inputs to farmers at the doorstep with personalized crop advisory.


BigHaat is digitizing the seed to harvest ecosystem leveraging science, data and technology, and empowering the farmers to earn more income per acre. We are addressing the major challenges such as poor quality, high pricing, lack of choice and availability, lack of convenience and unscientific advisory, that are being faced by farmers in accessing to inputs from conventional front end.
BigHaat is transforming the farmers’ journey in the pre-harvest crop cycle, and providing high quality farm inputs with expert crop advisory to increase productivity, yield and quality of the crop, and resulting in higher income per acre for a farmer.
BigHaat has built India centric solution to cater to internet and non-internet users to access platform, where besides mobile app, we are offering a missed call system to farmers, and farmers can access BigHaat platform with just a missed call.
The crop advisory is built by BigHaat expert agronomy team leveraging the data and crop science and dissemination of advisory to farmers happen in regional languages and over media like SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube etc.


Agriculture is a service oriented sector, therefore BigHaat strategy is to own the farmer and build value proposition throughout the pre-harvest crop cycle. Below is the key value proposition offered to farmers by BigHaat –
• High quality and 100% genuine products
• Personalized crop advisory in regional languages
• Choice and availability
• Price transparency
• Door delivery
• Digital Payments and Cash on Delivery
• Pre and Post-sale support through partnerships with Agri Input organizations
We have demonstrated that on an average farmer is able to reduce 15% on cost of inputs by BigHaat platform with high quality inputs and agronomy advisory.Farmers today are not able to access to scientific advisory for preventive or curative measures and losing the crop and income significantly. BigHaat expert agronomy team offer scientific advisory to farmers over a phone or over media such as SMS, WhatsApp etc and empower the farmer with right knowledge at right time.


Deployed in large scale
BigHaat is India’s leading farmer centric digital platform for Agri Inputs and has launched it’s technology platform in 2015. Since then BigHaat has impacted over 2 million farmers across the country with offering of high quality farm inputs and crop advisory. BigHaat has supply-chain ecosystem to deliver the farm inputs to farmers at the doorstep which is a huge convenience to farmers and put behind the worries of farmers to travel to procure to nearest town/city.
BigHaat has a strong presence in the state of Telangana as well with hubs in Hyderabad and Khammam serving more than a lakh of farmers across the state.


Technology Not Protected


Not Applicable


Farmers and FPOs/FPCs/NGOs


BigHaat model is a highly scalable model and can be quickly expanded to any scale.


Sufficient capital for working capital and strengthening supply-chain are critical to scale.


The platform is offered for free to farmers.


BigHaat is a social impact startup working towards achieving it’s mission of digitizing the seed-harvest ecosystem and empowering the farmers to earn more income per acre.
BigHaat has impacted over 2 million marginal and small farmers across the country with it’s technology platform offering scientific crop advisory and high quality farm inputs.




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