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Behtar Zindagi Marketplace

Behtar Zindagi

Stage of adaption :

Crop Planning Stage/Cultivation stage/Post-harvest stage

BehtarZindagi Marketplace offerings covers 5 categories as listed below:
1. Agri-Input at a competitive rates from suppliers across India
2. Advisory via Text, Voice Call, Video & Live Video Call
3. Tools & Machinery, to save labour cost at each stage of crop production
4. Tractor – New & Old
5. Finance & Insurance, to give capital efficiency to farmers


“Behtar Zindagi (BZ 2.0) is a platform that offers a DATA-DRIVEN SOLUTION for all FARMING NEEDS through a marketplace that aggregates a large number of agri-stakeholders into a SINGLE-WINDOW. With a transparent and future-ready tech platform, it attracts the key agri-sellers, advisory experts, tools and machinery manufacturers, financial institutions and innovative startups, to come under a single window for solving all farming needs.”
We are constantly working hard to keep our technology future-proof that enhances efficiency for: 1. Users a. Advisory solution over text, voice, video, live VC channels b. Recommendation Engine to take better buying decision c. Valuation Calculator for Old Machinery, Tractor, animals, etc. d. Hyper Local e. Multilingual AI Enabled Chatbot f. Referral & Promo Codes
2. Sellers a. Easy service and content management system b. Capital Efficiency tools c. Load Management d. Analytics e. Reseller module for local resellers (micro-entrepreneurs)
3. Fulfillment a. Last Mile Delivery, which is tech-enabled with a high reach at lowest cost b. Route Optimizer c. Payment Solution Core Capabilities: 1. An integrated CRM, that helps in managing users, sellers and fulfillment workflows. 2. A future proof core-system to manage the entire marketplace efficiently.


In the current eco-system of Indian agriculture there are various players offering innovative products and services to help farmers. However, as all the stakeholders are scattered it restricts process transparency and biased solutions. With Behtar Zindagi platform we brings the following benefits to the whole agri-ecosystem:
• Brings all solutions for farmers into a single window
• Transparently recommend solutions with unbiased ratings, metrics & pricing
• Consolidates the innovation and efficiencies by various companies for farmer’s benefit
• Offers a launchpad for introducing any innovative products/services by startups
• Empowers farmer’s buying decision with metrics from a large transaction base


Deployed in large scale
BehtarZindagi is currently active in Haryana where we are connected with 5+ lacs farmers. We are soon expanding our marketpalce to other states of India with a refreshed face.


Technology Not Protected


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Our target customers span from farm to agri-produce buyers or processing units. These would include large farmers, Farmer Produce Organisations, Agri-Haats, State warehouse corporation and processing units.


Our target is the entire (~145 million+) farmers community in India to help them overcome the following challenges:
• Absence of scientific knowledge and limitations of conventional wisdom has increased the cost of cultivation for Indian farmers.
• Traditional channel behavior – which focuses on stock clearance & margins and promotes adulteration (India records up to 58% adulteration)
• Limited access to quality agri-inputs including seeds, fertilizers and pesticides
• Low mechanization rate (~40%) compared to developed countries
• Low penetration of insurance products and access to credit options


In a marketplace model where we are operating, scalability is the key requirement. The below factors describes the scalability of our product and technology:
Business Model: BehtarZindagi is an asset-free business model which makes us highly scalable with zero-inventory.


Not Applicable


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As of 2019, there are 135 million families who are totally dependent on Agriculture. Due to high illiteracy (~40%) in Rural India, an average agricultural household earns INR 6,426 per month only. So, BehtarZindagi is trying to build a marketplace that can upgrade the life of Indian farmers and support them to earn 100% more than what they earn today. This is possible by enhancing their farming methodology and connecting them to a trusted and efficient agricultural ecosystem.




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