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Stage of adaption :

Crop Planning Stage/Cultivation Stage/Post-harvest stage


KHETHINEXT is an innovative solution for “Enabling Digital Agriculture Transformation through Smart Farming” which caters to provide timely advice on best farming practices, access to quality and cheaper farm inputs, connect financial institutions for credit facility and get remunerative price through online sales of famers’ produce. KHETHINEXT partners with local farmer groups in extending its services to farmers and has no costs associated for using the solution. KHETHINEXT works on a profit-sharing model with farmers and farmer groups. KHETHINEXT with its innovative solution is committed to achieve:
• Reduction in production cost by reducing the supply chain between manufacturers and farmers
• Connecting farmers to financial Institutions for providing credit and insurance
• Yield improvement through timely advice and precision farming practices
• Provide traceability of activities performed by farmer and produce from farm gate
• Higher margins to farmers through connecting them directly with potential buyers for remunerative prices


• Provide low cost inputs to farmers by directly connecting with manufacturers and disrupting current distribution model
• Extending credit facility from financial institutions to farmers, which are available as credits for purchasing inputs through our platform and credited back during produce sale thereby reducing NPAs
• Faster insurance claim processing by financial institutions, with visibility on crop stages and activities performed by farmer on regular basis.
• Provide remunerative prices to farmers through directly connecting them with potential buyers avoiding middleman and provide traceability to buyers
• Provide real-time access to farm advisory and interactive best farming practices
• High scalable model with bottoms up approach, through partnerships with local NGOs and other farmer groups in providing ground support to farmers
• Highly sustainable model with revenues from sale of inputs and produce, with no cost to farmers.
• Government agencies can monitor impact of various schemes and subsidies using near real-time analytics. Agencies can also push information to targeted farmers based on their eligibility


Deployed in large scale
KHETHINEXT Platform has more than 4.9 Lakh Registered farmers on its platform in the states of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and Haryana


Technology Not Protected


Not Applicable


Small and Marginal Farmers


KHETHINEXT is Highly scalable product. We are planning to expand operations to PAN India, South east Asia and Sub Saharan Africa


Not Applicable


It is free to use for Farmers, however, KHETHINEXT can be licensed to be used by institutions or organizations at cost, which can be calculated based on the usage by the institution or organization.


KHETHINEXT has been operational since 2018 where it has been working with farmers to improve livelihood of farmer. Some areas of impact created by KHETHINEXT are:
• Benefited 6000+ Families directly by supporting the activity of farming as the major source of Income
• KHETHINEXT has serviced more than 12000 Acres of land by providing turnkey solutions to farmers
• Input cost of farmer is reduced up to 50% by availing the services of KHETHINEXT
• Farmers income is improved up to 25% by reducing cost of cultivation and availing proper marketing services
• KHETHINEXT has done a knowledge transfer of more than 1300 hours to farmers by personal interaction with farmers and solving their problems
• Due to improvement in the availability of low cost biologically originated organic inputs the usage of chemicals has been reduced by 20% which directly impact the environment, soil, and health of consumers




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