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Stage of adaption :

Post-harvest stage


Ninjacart is a tech-enabled Supply Chain platform that connects farmers with stand along vegetable shops, kiranas and small hotel outlets using an array of in-house products that increases efficiency and agility throughout the entire supply chain process.
How technology adds value to the agri supply chain?
Demand Forecasting – ninjacart has leveraged deep machine learning to perfect its forecasting to 97% and reduce the overall food wastage to less than 3%
Price Intelligence – Multiple market intelligence tools and machine learning algorithms helps ninjacart predict market prices and help farmers plan harvest accordingly. The farmer knows the price at the time of harvesting and this increases the odds of better returns
Cashless payments – Cashless and instant payment solutions help us put the money in the hands of the farmer on the same day. This has helped farmers avoid borrowing money from Mandi traders, who hold their produce captive and pay low prices or from local money lenders, who charge exorbitant interest
Traceability – Ninjacart has built a unique supply chain, wherein it is able to uniquely trace back the farmer, farm location and time of harvest for the fruits and vegetables that are being moved through its supply chain till the point of retailer


1. Benefits of Ninjacart for stakeholders –
● Farmers – Market Information barriers, distribution inefficiency & marginal farming led to the creation of numerous middlemen, who were involved in transporting the produce from farm to store. As a result, farmers used to get only one-third of what the end consumer paid. Ninjacart solves this problem by enabling farmers with a smooth and transparent supply chain platform to sell directly to businesses, thereby maximizing farmer’s income
● Retailers/Businesses – Lack of reliable & hygienic option to procure vegetables & fruits and necessity to go market everyday early in the morning puts businesses in a disadvantageous position. With the help of Ninjacart, businesses can get a quality and hygienically handled produce at the best prices delivered to their doorstep everyday morning fresh from the farm
● Consumers – Consumers receive hygienically handled, unadulterated and high quality graded produce that is fresh from farms and safe to eat.


Deployed in large scale
We have deployed technology in large scale using Hetzner & AWS cloud and have 60k+ customers and aim to acquire 300k customers.


Technology Not Protected


Not Applicable


Ninjacart’s target customers are stand alone vegetable shops, kirana stores, small time restaurants and other foodservice providers. Ninjacart directly sources huge volumes of fresh produce from around 40k farmers and efficiently moves it to more than 60k retailers on a daily basis, in less than 12 hours, using its strong analytics and technology capabilities.


The market for fruits and vegetables is huge and worth $180 Billion annually in India and grows by 9% every year. ninjacart’s supply chain is built to scale seamlessly using technology and strong infrastructure to reach the most fragmented parts of the country. It’s product caters to all sections of society and currently they procure from 40k+ farmers across the country and deliver to 60k+ retailers and kirana shops. It has built the capabilities to move more than 4000+ tonnes of produce from farms to stores within 12 hours every day, ensuring freshness and quality.
Ninjacart has already scaled its operations to 7 major cities in India and therefore has a ready and tested business model and playbook that can be expanded Pan India with minimum costs and maximum efficiency.


Currently we do not have any limiting factors for large scale commercialisation


Not Applicable


1. Ninjacart is able to impact farmer’s lives and families in a better way by improving his income and putting more time with families
2. Ninjacart employes 4000+ people directly and 8000+ people indirectly
3. Removing Price and demand uncertainty among farmers – Ninjacart communicates the actual demand and price one day before the harvest, this way farmers know his earnings before harvesting leading to further safeguarding his income
4. With digital payment, 100% of the amount without deducting any commission is directly transferred into Farmer’s bank account within 24 hours of purchase, as against a traditional market, wherein it takes more than 7 days to get the money and in most cases farmer’s don’t even get 100% of money
5. Ninjacart is improving the safety of food that reaches the consumer’s plate by ensuring that the freshly harvested food reaches them in less than 12 hours




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