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FPO Gateway - A comprehensive hi-tech platform for smallholder farmers

FPO Gateway

Stage of adaption :

Crop Planning Stage/Cultivation Stage/Post-harvest stage


FPO Gateway is a one stop solution for all FPOs in India and the first port of call for their requirements around inputs, output aggregation, secretarial services, access to financial markets and member management. This is also a window for stakeholders in Agri eco systems to engage with FPOs. The architecture enables it to function as a “platform of platforms”. Apart from hosting in-depth profiles of FPOs across the country, the portal serves as a gateway to access a variety of applications connected to input, agri-produce, finance & shared services. A microservices-enabled architecture also helps the portals integrate with 3rd party applications and data-streams. With built-in alerts & reminders the users will be benefitted especially in the domain of accounting & compliances.


This Gateway has its genesis in Samunnati’s strong belief that FPOs should be recognised as an asset class and therefore should have access to markets – commodity and capital markets. We believe that markets can engage with FPOs in a more inclusive manner if supported by scalable technology. Through our understanding of FPOs, our grading of FPOs our credit underwriting, and risk management approach, the FPO gateway can open newer avenues for farmers and farmer collectives. Some of the utilities are shared below:
• Enables farmer collectives to share profiles and gain visibility
• Analytics & custom reports to facilitate access to capital
• Access to weather, market price & agronomic advisory
• Interact with other collectives through community feature
• eAudit facilitation and built-in alerts for making the FPOs compliant
• Window to other aggregation platforms such as input, output & shared services marketplaces; the portal also provides access to FPO Pathshala, a capacity building platform


MVP stage
The platform is currently catering to internal customers of Samunnati i.e relationship officers, credit managers etc.


Technology Not Protected


Not Applicable


Smallholder farmers will be the primary users


Primarily Farmer Collectives such as Farmer Producer Organisations and ecosystem players including lenders, researchers, input & output players, insurance, logistics, quality assessment and other allied service providers, The platform will also be hosting individual and entities providing statutory services, advisory at hyperlocal level.
The technology stack includes microservices architecture, cloud first but not limited to cloud operations keeping in mind the limited internet penetration in some areas. Multidevice fidelity and a “phygital” or assisted approach especially for market linkage activities makes the solution suite highly robust & scalable.


Nil, as a technology platform mostly operating online, no such limitation exists.


Not applicable


Primarily designed to serve collectives of smallholder farmers, the platform enables access to markets along with capacity building of these organisations. The strengthening of these rural entities has immediate impact in terms of:
• Bringing the cost of inputs down
• More output per unit
• More unit under use
In long terms it contributes to upliftment of smallholder farmers through operating the agri value chains at a higher equilibrium.




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