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Jaikisan - Full-stack financial technology platform


Stage of adaption :

Crop Planning Stage/Cultivation Stage/Post Harvest Stage


Jai Kisan is building the first rural fintech full-stack platform to cater to the financial needs of borrowers in rural emerging markets. Jai Kisan is using credit to digitally and financially onboard the rural Indian – to help build a footprint to further facilitate a suite of financial services to unserved and underserved rural citizens.
Today, Jai Kisan facilitates secured and income generating loans to rural borrowers in India, mostly farmers (more than 70% of rural India is depends on agriculture as their primary source of livelihood) from various lending institutions through its mobile and web-based platform. The platform comprises a user-friendly loan application tool utilizing a credit scoring engine of 200+ parameters for its farmers, a customizable loan origination and management system for its lenders and a full-stack CRM solution for its channel partners. The mobile or web interface is available at borrowers’ fingertips or at any of Jai Kisan’s technologically enabled channel partner locations. Jai Kisan is creating the customer journey for rural customers to access financial services through their value chain partners and expand the offering of financial products to the bottom of the pyramid to SECURE and ENHANCE the livelihood of the rural customer.


Jai Kisan full-stack financial technology platform links multiple existing rural stakeholders such as financial institutions, equipment manufacturers/distributors/vendors and institutional agricultural produce buyers.
Jai Kisan helps lenders to distribute financing cheaper – Financial institutions are able to leverage our virtual market network to distribute financing through Jai Kisan, thereby reducing CAPEX investment to reach customers within the last mile of rural India. Through Jai Kisan, most lenders can lend at ~16% rather than ~24% due to decreased costs, better analysis, lower risk, etc.
Jai Kisan creates a digital footprint for the borrower through better underwriting- Jai Kisan’s loan origination system reduces the credit evaluation and processing costs of loan disbursement. Financial institutions can also leverage the Jai Kisan on-ground sales force to have an in-person touchpoint with the customer bolstered by the loan management system to track and monitor loans and repayments.
Jai Kisan introduces a seamless financing process to all rural and agriculture borrowers – Equipment vendors leverage the Jai Kisan platform to increase their geographic presence by offering their products to an increased geographic presence through the virtual market network. These vendors are able to utilize the technology platform to evaluate customer’s credit eligibility, validate customer KYC documents seamlessly, and disburse financing in less than 1 week comparative to 3+ weeks with comparable financial institutions. In addition, institutional agricultural produce buyers also leverage the benefits of the platform to avail input and invoice financing facilities for their farmer networks, thereby being able to pass the credit burden of their farmers to formal financial systems rather than take it upon themselves as was the case before Jai Kisan. In addition, through Jai Kisan, farmers across Agri, Dairy, Poultry and allied businesses are now able to realise the dream of immediate payment on sale of produce.


Deployed in large scale
Within 1 year of beginning operations, Jai Kisan has grown from strength to strength, delivering the impact of sustainable and affordable financing to more than 5,000 farmers across 9 States and 1 Union territory of India, including Telangana.
Jai Kisan today boasts of a network of close to 500 Channel Partners with 3 products deployed across them across preparation, pre-harvest and post-harvest stages of production.
Even through the Covid-19 period, Jai Kisan has been able to help lenders find high quality borrowers with impact at scale to drive superior returns for our lending and borrowing partners.


Technology Not Protected


Today, Jai Kisan works with the largest NBFCs in the rural space as well as top private banks of the country. In addition, Jai Kisan has been awarded and recognized by organizations including the Govt. of Maharasthra, Bill Melinda Gates Foundation, IIM Ahmedabad, Bharat Inclusion Initiative, Rabobank, Asian Development Bank, NASSCOM, IFC, VISA, Accion, ISB Hyderabad and many more.


Any rural Indian or business in need of a seamless way to avail mainstream financial services.


Given that we operate on an extremely asset-light model, scalability is remarkably easy for the Jai Kisan platform. This is evidenced by our growth story so far, reaching ~500 Channel Partners, ~5,000 farmers, 9 States, 1 Union Territory and 50+ Districts within less than 12 months of beginning operations.


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To avail the product, any prospective farmer would have to pay Jai Kisan a nominal booking fee of 300 INR that would provide the farmers with a full credit worthiness report, including both conventional bureau scores as well as the Jai Kisan credit score. Using this, the farmer can apply for a loan according to their needs and necessities.


Within one year of beginning operations, Jai Kisan has delivered financing to some of the remotest and under-privileged pockets of India – some case studies are illustrated below:




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