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Image processing-based grading sorting machines for multi commodity


Stage of adaption :

Post-harvest stage


Our technology is image processing based grading sorting solutions for all fruits and vegetables. Our machines can process multiple commodities on a single line giving high returns to farmers. Our grading machines are also internet connected which sends data of graded material to nearby traders and stakeholders so that farmers can immediately sell their produce. Our grading and sorting automation solution have achieved significant increased farm income besides upskilling the available labour workforce. We have found reduction in input cost through our technological and market-connect offering. Traditionally a food trader uses a very high capacity single commodity sorting-grading machine and thereby earns additional income enabled through this process. Our intervention has made possible this value-add within the reach of an individual farmer’s capacity. Our affordable grading-sorting machines for smaller-capacity processing can handle multiple commodities allowing round-the-year utility. We have noted a minimum of 20% income growth among our users of these machines. User covers the cost of equipment within a year of use. We have sold two such units.


We are shifting extra income generated by grading sorting to farmer’s income which was traditionally going to traders.
Our unique multi-commodity sorting capability of our machine makes it usable round-the-year giving higher and faster return on investment. Additionally, the commodity market linkage provided by our equipment’s ICT system is almost unique. The impact metrics on savings in man-hours, increase in value generation and fast RoI on equipment by the users, have validated our approach to the business.
Indigenous full-stack solutions for grading-sorting are not widely available, to our best knowledge. Our equipment is entirely built in India, made with locally available components and is therefore easily serviceable. We have established a strong supply chain network for our components and related needs. Through the six years of our work in horticulture automation, we have a deep understanding of user sentiments and have built trust among our customers. We have successfully commercialized more than a dozen products in the domain with similar customer domains.


Test Marketing completed


Technology Not Protected


ISO certification for quality management and also CE certification


Our target customers are FPOs. There is an increased demand for our intervention amongst Farm Producer Organizations (FPOs), a farmers collective.


The Government of India is close to achieving its mission to set up 10,000 registered FPOs across the country. We have generated sales leads from among these FPOs. During Covid-19, the disruption in the traditional supply chain of farm-produce has triggered FPOs to be self-reliant. To cater to this increased demand potential of our automation solution, we are working to scale-up our production capacity.


There are no such challenges. Adoption on large scale can be achieved.


Multi-commodity grading sorting machine with capacity of 1 ton/hour, with market linkage software costs around INR 30 lakhs.


We have two units deployed and in use during the last two years (2018-19). These units generate an extra income of almost INR 45 Lakhs each year for users. Impact calculations are based on user input given during and after installation of our automation devices.




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