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Animal Husbandry


Stellapps’ SmartMoo™ IoT platform acquire data via sensors that are embedded in animal wearables (mooON device), milk chilling equipment (ConTrak), and milk procurement peripherals (smartAMCU / smartCC), transmitting the same to the Big Data Cloud Service Delivery Platform (SDP) where the Stellapps SmartMoo™ suite of applications analyse and crunch the received data before disseminating the analytics & data science outcome to various stakeholders over low-end and smart mobile devices.
SmartMoo digital suite consists of the following:
1. Herd management solution, mooOn™ – enables preventive health care, artificial insemination on right time, better nutrition and productivity.
2. Comprehensive procurement solution smartAMCU™ & smartCC™ – enable transparent, traceable and efficient milk procurement at milk collection centers.
3. Cold chain management solution, ConTrak® – monitors milk temperature, volume and power consumption to ensure milk is preserved at ideal temperature and no adulteration is and helps keep milk fresh in cold chain.
4. FinTech solution, mooPay ™ enables digital payments, cattle insurance services whereas,
5. mooOpt™ provides data analytics solutions for dairies.


Stellapps’ award-winning SmartMoo™ suite of solutions have enabled the largely unorganized dairy sector in India to embrace the digital revolution. The power of this transformation has been most evident during the COVID-enforced lockdown, with Stellapps- enabled milk processors being able to function seamlessly. The ability to procure milk across thousands of centres in a 100% contactless manner allowed the dairies to adhere to sanitary guidelines released by government agencies. By enabling real-time remote monitoring of the procurement operations, Stellapps allowed the dairies to ensure that their customers continued to receive safe, traceable, and high- quality milk. In addition, the tech platform facilitated digital payments and hassle-free credit and insurance to marginal dairy farmers, allowing them to tide over the economic distress brought about by the pandemic.
Stellapps is a full stack IoT company that provides end to end technology solutions for dairy industry. Our IoT and cloud-based solutions help farmers increase milk productivity, reduce costs, wastage and ensure better quality of milk. We enable value added services like banking, veterinary care, cattle insurance, nutrition advisory, feed- fodder provision, credit access, digital payments etc. We enhance the profitability of milk processors through intelligent procurement, cold chain and data analytics services. Our solutions increase efficiency, productivity and ensure transparency, traceability, and premium milk quality. These benefits pass down to farmers and increase their income.


Deployed in largescale
We have a customer base of 170+ customers and point of presence in 28000 villages across 20 states in India. All major milk brands like Amul, Nandini, Aavin, Sudha, Milma etc. among dairy cooperatives and private brands like Hatsun, Heritage, Dodla, Creamline, Milky Mist, Osam, Milk Mantra etc. and even premium milk brands like Akshayakalpa are our customers.


IP filed, yet to be awarded


• ISO 9001 certification
• CE certification


We serve rural dairy farmers. In India, 70% of rural households are engaged in dairying and there are 76 million households engaged in dairy farming. Milk processing companies are our primary customers and farmers are our primary beneficiaries. These companies are either private or are owned by member farmers (cooperative). The benefit of the premium quality milk and better efficiency enabled by our solutions are passed down by the dairy-processor companies to the farmers as better rates for milk.


The solution is rapidly scalable.


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The solution is customizable according to the customer’s requirement. Cost of the product depends on bundle of features selected.


We have empowered 2 million farmers and 1 million cattle with our technology. 8 million litres of milk flows through our solutions every day. We enable farmer payments over $750 million annually. In the best-case scenario, an increase of 50% is observed in farmers’ income and on an average by 20%. Cattle health expenses are reduced by 25% due to preventive health care. Milk yield of cattle have reported upto 20% increase and artificial insemination success rate increased by 25% resulting in a reduction of intercalving period by 1 month. The maintenance cost for farmers has reduced by 25% in the best case and by 10% on an average. Productivity of the cattle has improved by more than 30% with our solutions. Farmers have reported an increase of Rs 3 per litre of milk they supplied after the adoption of our solution.

The benefit of the premium quality milk and better efficiency enabled by our solutions to milk processing companies are passed down by the dairy-processor companies to the farmers as better rates for milk. We partner with banks, insurance companies, veterinarians to come up with solutions designed to suite local contexts and thus deliver digital economy to farmers. Our solutions are capable of functioning even in remote rural areas. Now, farmers can enjoy real time digital payments in their bank accounts, better animal health, preventive health care for their livestock, insurance services linked to animal health etc.




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