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Fresh FLO - Digital Farm Management SaaS Platform

Fresh FLO

Stage of adaption :

Crop Planning Stage/Cultivation Stage/Post Harvest Stage


Transity offers a Cloud & Mobile based Agri Supply Chain technology platform, freshFLO, which can digitize farm to fork operations leading to efficiency, reliability and convenience in the supply chain.
The platform has various modules such as Farmer Management, Demand & Forecast Planning, Harvest Forecasting, Customer Management, Purchase Management, Sales Management, Inventory Management, Logistics Management, Route Planning, Invoicing, Maps Integration, GPS Integration, Temperature Sensor Integration, SMS / WhatsApp / Email Notifications, Video Calling, Digital Payments, Mobile apps for Field Visits, Purchasing, Sales, Delivery etc. The video in the below link provides a quick overview of our platform.
Our technology can be used by Telangana State Government to implement a Digital Agriculture Platform / Ecosystem across the state connecting various stakeholders of the agri-supply chain – Farmers, FPOs, Farmer Cooperatives, Food Distributors & Retailers, Exporters, Food Processors, Transporters, Cold Storages, Warehouses etc – so that farmers can not only be connected seamlessly with Buyers but they can find transportation, warehouses, cold storages on time which can potentially improve their earnings and reduce losses.
The platform can enable Telangana State Government to digitize farmer/FPO data, the crops they grow, sowing pattern, expected harvest etc. On the other end of the supply chain, institutional buyers can be registered – who will be interested in procuring from these organizations. Enrolled on the platform will be transporters and cold storages / warehouses to ensure that the movement of produce from the seller to the buyer is handled seamlessly. A technology driven supply chain will provide more confidence to enterprise / international buyers opening up better market linkages to the FPO organizations and in turn improve the earning potential of their farmers. Village Level Entrepreneurship can be promoted by identifying enthusiastic citizens in village or semi-urban areas who can leverage the platform to become aggregators of demand from urban consumers or Institutional Buyers and deliver agriculture produce to them based on their requirement.
Our platform can provide a seamless and digitized experience to all stakeholders in the agri supply chain similar to the experience large eCommerce and Logistics organizations provide to their stakeholders.


Telangana State Government has recently announced policies that aim to revolutionize agriculture in the state and improve the livelihoods of farmers. We believe our technology platform can support the state government’s vision to improve farmers’ livelihoods in a positive way. Some of the key benefits that can be realized through our platform are outlined below:

• It will be possible to get a real-time view of the entire state’s crop sowing pattern and this data can be used to provide guidance on the recommended cropping for the remainder of the season.
• It will be possible to get state-wide harvest forecast based on crop type and acreage that has been sown.
• Farmers will have more options to sell their produce which can possibly increase their earnings.
• FPOs, Farmer Cooperatives and other organizations will be able to digitize their operations which can help connect and operate with corporates / institutions better.
• Farmers will be able to find cost effective transportation on time as well as access to cold storages and warehouses whenever required.
• Platform can facilitate moving state farmers towards Demand driven Production which is one of the major policy decisions of State Government.
• Creation of rural entrepreneurs who can leverage technology to run their operations as well as provide exceptional service similar to that provided by modern agritech players and eventually scale their operations.
• Logistics for procurement and delivery can be handled seamlessly. A network of rural / agri transporters can be created.
• It will facilitate onboarding of Institutional Buyers onto the platform because of the digital nature of operations, transparency and seamless experience.
• The platform can also be used to digitize and simplify Government’s agriculture produce procurement as well as the logistics of movement and storage of produce for the commodities it currently procures.
• It can result in development of a Trusted Network over a period of time so that all stakeholders can seamlessly operate.
• Analytical Models can be built in the future that can recommend the ideal quantity to be produced every season based on historical data of quantity produced and market price.


Test Marketing Completed
We have implemented our technology platform for the Vegetable Centre of Excellence at Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Baramati to digitize their horticulture export value chain.
We have initiated a pilot with a Non-Profit organization that is involved in enabling Farmer Producer Organizations to become self-reliant agri-businesses and which works with nearly 40,000 farmers across 7 states. Through our technology, the organization plans to digitize their entire operations.


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Our target customers are FPOs, Farmer Cooperatives, NGOs enabling farmers, Government, Agribusinesses (such as Food Processors, Food Distributors & Retailers, Exporters), Transporters, Cold Storages & Warehouses.


Our product is a Cloud based SaaS platform and hence can easily scale to meet the load from a large user base.


The key challenge in large scale commercialization will be in penetrating deep into rural areas and reaching to the diverse farmer base. The other key challenge will be in creating awareness among the farmer base and other stakeholders about the potential benefits of the digital platform and in educating them. This is where support from the Government can be a critical factor to increase reach. In addition, to overcome or workaround these challenges, we can adopt a cluster-based approach working with organizations such as FPOs, Farmer Cooperatives etc in the initial phase and reach out to the farmers through them.


The cost of license will vary based on the scope of work that will be finalized based on the State Government’s objectives and requirements. The payment model can either be annual subscription based or fixed price + maintenance fee based or any other model that can be discussed and agreed upon.


Our product will enable a digital agri-supply chain ecosystem that can immensely benefit farmers by bringing access to wider markets and easing their logistics related challenges. The platform can support FPOs and Farmer Cooperatives digitize their operations which can enable them to work with corporates and institutions seamlessly. These interventions can potentially increase the earning potential of farmers and also reduce wastage in the supply chain. The platform can also create entrepreneurship opportunities for rural youth who have migrated back from cities to launch a technology enabled agribusiness and serve urban consumers or institutions.




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