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BharatAgri - Digital Crop Advisory


Stage of adaption :

Crop Planning Stage/Cultivation Stage



BharatAgri is prime digital crop advisory and communication platform for growers.
Personalized consultancy- Constant and continuous hand-holding to growers for better productivity and planned approach in farming. BharatAgri provides a personalized consultancy to farmers based on 30+ parameters like soil, water, weather, economic and social factors. Emphasis is given to climate-resilient technology with our unique ‘Weather Based Dynamic Advisory’.
Real time crop monitoring is provided using satellite imaging.
Trusted transaction platform – We have created a transparent ecosystem for farmers. And with their farm history database, we have managed to form a trusted and direct transaction platform.
Communication to growers –
• Every communication is available in local languages for the farmer.
• Farmers with a smartphone: Users can download the BharatAgri application from Google Playstore. They can use the free features and upgrade to paid features. Paid features can be accessed anytime & anywhere from App and WhatsApp
• Farmers with feature phone: Users also receive communication via SMS, IVR, and calls.


Consider BharatAgri like a neutral Agri Doctor that can serve millions of farmers and provide them dynamic advisory based on changing climatic conditions.
Following are some of the benefits of using BharatAgri services –
● Predictive pest and disease management support
● 20% additional crop saving for farmers by using optimized inputs
● Farmers achieve a 40-50% increase in yield
● Farm to market support for specific commodities
● Real time satellite-based monitoring to prevent moisture, biotic and abiotic stress


Deployed in large scale
• Connected to 1,50,000+ farmers
• Tested 20,000+ soil samples and digitized reports
• Top five districts with 60,000+ farmers: Nashik, Pune, Ahmednagar, Solapur, Satara (Maharashtra)
• Top five crops that are grown by farmers: Maize, Cotton, Groundnut, Sugarcane, Turmeric
• BharatAgri is now evolving into a multi tenant transaction platform that apart from providing agri-doctor services, would also provide value services like crop loads, insurance and farm to market.


Technology Not Protected


BharatAgri unique advisory algorithm has been validated by DOGR (Directorate of Onion and Garlic Research) which is an ICAR body. Predictive pest and disease management solution has been developed in association with ICRISAT (funded by BIRAC, Depart of Science of Technology, Govt of India)


Farmers – Semi-progressive farmers who have a land holding of 2-10 acres and are growing medium value crops like vegetables, spices and cash crops.


In a short duration and with a small team, BharatAgri is currently serving 1.5Lac farmers. BharatAgri platform handles 30,000 queries every month.
Even the data collection at farm level has been digitized and can be done remotely.
Using our unique technology, we aim at serving 3 million farmers by the end of 2021 providing them a host of services ranging from crop advisory to farm loan.


● Awareness towards farm advisory
● Limited penetration of digital growth with 20% of the villages in a district using smartphones


Farmers pays 800 INR for 6 Months. In this duration, they can take multiple a crop of 4-6 months. Our services are fairly customizable. The services include dynamic advisory, satellite based monitoring, on call BharatAgri doctor support, etc.
Any additional support for soil and water testing is provided by connecting farmers to the right channel partners or via us on a direct cost basis.


Through projects like PoCRA (Project on Climate Resilient Agriculture) and working with organizations like MAVIM (Mahila Arthik Vikas Mandal) we have been successfully able to reach to the small and marginal growers who are growing low-value crops and have no access to technology.
Climate-resilient project under POCRA – helping farmers in drought-affected areas like Central and Eastern Maharashtra farmers with lesser water resources, increase their productivity by 60%.
Women farmers association with MAVIM – Women farmers associated with SHGs and CMRCs across Maharashtra
An average farming growing vegetables like Onion observes increase in revenue by INR 30,000 and reduction in cost by INR 5,000 per acre, resulting in annual increase in profits of INR 70,000 (two crop cycles)
BharatAgri aims at delivering such results to 1 million acres and create an economic impact of $1 billion!




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