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Unnati - Online Platform for Farmers


Stage of adaption :

Crop Planning Stage/Cultivation Stage/Post Harvest Stage


The applications are developed in PHP and Android with MySQL and MongoDB as databases. It’s a cloud deployed tech platform with the following modules:
• Farmer Management: Manages complete farmer lifecycle
• Card module: Farmer debit card with provisions to have wallets for input purchase, other supplies etc. and ability to get payment transferred digitally to farmers
• AgriPOS for input retailer store management: manages inventory of agri-inputs along with digital invoicing for farmers and stock management
• Credit platform for both farmers and retail partners: Complete Aadhar based authentication with ability to define usage of credit facility for specific purposes
• Output purchase and warehousing platform: To enable farmers to list and sell their output to purchasers
• Input recommendation and farmer guidance module: Farmers are sent recommendations through SMS, IVR and call center on preferred practices


The technology stack helps in creating a complete supporting infrastructure for farmers to do farming which is as per recommendations of output purchasers and extension teams. It helps drive farmer behaviour towards optimal usage of quality agri-inputs, receive money faster on output sales and do goal-based savings for specific input requirements.
Farmers see the following benefits:
1. Reduction in cost of inputs by upto 15-20%
2. Increase in revenues from farming
3. Faster payment cycle
4. Sustainable farming based on scientific guidance


Deployed in largescale
Unnati has seen significant traction across multiple locations. Unnati has been used by more than 2.25 lac farmers in the last 3 years with more than 7 lac acres. Its deployed across more than 1000 retail points including FPOs, dedicated centers, agri-input retailers, Agri-entrepreneurs across the states of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. Unnati partners with a large number of partners across Banking, Loan services, Farm Output processors and Agri input brands.


Technology Not Protected


Undergoing security certification by SISA


We work with farmers and retail partners who help us provide services to farmers.


The product / technology is highly scalable. It has already been deployed in multiple geographies across a large number of farmers. The services are all cloud-based hence they can scale up without any constraints.


The only limiting factor for large scale commercialization is the adoption by farmers and retailer partners. The usage of the services are also a behaviour change for the various stakeholders. This requires initial training effort especially for retailer partners.


The pro duct is offered along with the services. Technology product is used free of cost by various stakeholders. Services are paid services typically being paid for by various stakeholders. We are open to working on various commercial models based on the requirements.


The technology will help farmers become digital entrepreneurs and use modern digital tools to improve their earnings. Farmers have seen their overall earnings increase through the use of Unnati services. The technology has the potential of making farmers run their farming as a business and earn higher from the farms.




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