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Stage of adaption :

Crop Planning Stage/Cultivation Stage

Gramophone acts as a doctor to the farmers, diagnosing the problems correctly and supplying quality Agri inputs direct at farmer’s doorstep. It provides:

  • Agronomic Intelligence
  • Access to quality Agri input
  • A community-led approach to solving the last mile localized problems


Gramophone has a three-pronged strategy to solve agriculture-related problems. It provides personalized advisory to the plot level of the farmers. A farmer can get in touch with Gramophone by:

  • Giving a missed call on our toll-free number and get the solutions from Agri Experts
  • Onground support through Gramophone Field Executives and Village Level Entrepreneurs


Gramophone Mobile Application

Providing personalized solutions is key to success for the farmers. We have digitized crop information, pest and disease data, impact on weather and soil on these problems. This has enabled us to provide solutions to farmers across the country. Our unique approach is based on solving the farmer’s problems. We have taken care of the fact of whether farmers have access to smartphones or Feature phones. Either of them can reach out to us through a missed call or Gramophone App.
Supplying quality Agri inputs along with the right advice is key to the success of the farmers associated with Gramophone.


Deployed in large scale
Gramophone works with more than 500,000 farmers. We have solved more than 1000,0000 farmer queries and farmers associated with us over 2-3 cropping cycles have seen more than 20% reduction cost of cultivation and upto 50% improvement in productivity. The Gramophone app, with over 200,000 installs, provides crop-related information, which solves the problem (Mandi Prices, Weather, Pest & Disease Solutions, etc.) with just a click.
Solving for agriculture not only requires a deep domain knowledge about the sector but also a granular understanding of the behavioural and cultural traits of rural India. Gramophone team as relevant expertise build over 15 years of educational and work experience in Agri and allied sectors. We understand that Agronomic and Data Intelligence can be converted into relevant products using the right technology and on-ground operations. This unique blend of the team makes us relevant for solving the deeper problems in the Agriculture sector.


Technology Not Protected


Not Applicable


We are currently working with more than 5+ Lakh farmers and small and medium farmers are key target customers for us.


We are a team of IIT and IIM graduates, with a deep domain knowledge about agriculture and technology. We have digitised more than 50 crops and our data led approach enables us to build soultions for millions of farmers. Our App is multilingual and since we also supply quality inputs directly at the doorstep of the farmers, therefore we are able to not inly give advice but also ensure that the farmers are implementing it on the field to get better productivity.
We are building soil maps of India so that with a simple Geo location we would be able to provide precision agriculture, with variable fertigation and more towards precision agriculture even for a small and marginal farmer.


We are already working with almost half a million farmers on our platform. With right partnerships with Government organisations we will be able to take this solution to millions of farmers.
Our monitoring and reporting solutions can be customised as per need. Pricing depends on the scope of work.


Farmer application is free of cost. Premium features and on call advisory at Rs 500/Acre/Season.


Crop Production is becoming a major challenge with changing weather patterns, deterioration of soil structures, erratic monsoons, and increasing pest and disease problems. We envisage farmers who need personalized professional solutions accessible to them directly. There is a potential to double the farm level incomes by providing the right products and advice to the farmers in a very actionable way. There are more than 140 Mn farmers in India and market size of $30 Bn+ in Agri inputs.
We believe data science and agronomy can solve these problems. This would enable farmers to:
• Increase productivity
• Minimize the cost of cultivation
• Increased availability of quality products (more than 40% Agri inputs sold to farmers are substandard/spurious in nature)
• Provide access to finance to farmers on our platform with our partners




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+91 97 429 79 111