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SaralKheti-Portable Prognosis Technology

Ayata Intelligence

Stage of adaption :

Crop Planning Stage


SaralKheti is a portable prognosis technology for horticulture crops enabling early detection for biotic and abiotic stressors and infestation due to phytobacteria, fungi, Phyto viruses infection, insect attack, or changes in the local environment, etc reducing the time of detection from weeks to hours.
In agriculture, information is key to determine the extent of productivity. Agricultural development is highly impeded in communities where knowledge is poorly disseminated. The information enables small-holder farmers to decide what to plant, when and where to sell, how to negotiate better for the prices of their agricultural products, what modern practices to upgrade to for higher yield and income. Saral-Kheti through its diagnostic and informative platform helps farmers make wiser decisions.


Various applications of the technology in the agriculture domain are:
• Determining stressors in horticulture crops, conditions responsible for stress.
• Precision monitoring of input requirements of specific crops.
• Controlling the usage of fertilizers, pesticides, insecticide, and early disease management
• Detecting optimal time to harvest a crop, thus maintaining the best quality of the produce.
• Determining biofertilizer profiles based on soil chemistry.
• Localized crop data and real-time monitoring can also be used by insurance companies in farming.


POC stage


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In agriculture, information is key to determine the extent of productivity. Saral-Kheti through its portable device and informative platform helps farmers make wiser decisions.
• Primary Target Audience: Large and Medium Farmers doing Horticulture and Owning Polyhouses who want to monitor their farm crop cycles. Because: Considering just India, 14% farmers belong to large and medium farming groups. Out of which only <2% are involved in Polyhouse based farming. There is no other product which is detecting disease at an early stage using chemical signatures. Further, with the amount of disposable income with these high net farmers and their strong need to increase productivity and adopting new technologies, we believe we can capture the beach-head market.
• Secondary target audiences are Agri Advisory as farmers often take consultants’ help, our technology can help consultants to provide better advisory.


Scaling & Mass fabrication The development costs of our volatile platform can be significantly reduced by using economies of scale. This is possible due to the feasibility of fabricating sensors on a large scale and integrating it with standard foundry-based VLSI, which will reduce the device size, power consumption and the cost. Multiple sensors can be fabricated on one substrate thereby reducing the cost further.


• Farmer’s Onboarding: convincing them to adopt our technology. With lack of education & poor financial status, farmers are apprehensive of adopting new agricultural practices. We plan to overcome this obstacle by building trust with farmers using our model farms from early adopters. Through our advisor help we will tap into farmers network of SFAC, Farmer’s NGO, SSIAST Kisan Manch, FAO etc. • Showcasing the impact: experimentation on selected crops, a minimum crop cycle requires 3-4 months & thus it is difficult to showcase the quantitative & qualitative data of increase yield in given time frame to investor day. We have enough theoretical proofs on adjacent crops establishing the core of our technology.


Estimate Cost of Basic Module: INR 20K + Monthly Subscription of INR 1000
Estimate Cost of Advance Module: INR 60K + Monthly Subscription of INR 1000


Through Saral-Kheti, we anticipate making an Agricultural impact on three essential dimensions i.e Social, Economic, and Environmental.
a) Social: By making farming more sustainable and rewarding, we believe farmers will be proud of their profession and don’t have to leave their villages in order to search for better jobs in cities.
b) Environmental: Since we monitor the crop requirement, we will be less dependent on chemicals and fertilizers, which means less erosion and degradation of soil ecosystem and reduction in water pollution. Further, pesticides and residuals free produce will help with better health.
c) Economic: Using Saral-Kheti, we will reduce the losses due to unconventional practices and late detection of plant stress (resource shortage or diseases). We plan to help educate and provide rural farmers with our easy to use dashboard to provide information with pre-defined crop schedules suitable for his/her land and help them reduce the input cost up to 60% and increase farm productivity up to 30%.

Based on our early experiments, we observed that with our technology farmers will be able to produce more from the same Ha of land reaping approx 3X net profits.




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