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DataGreen PlatformFor complete Agriculture value chain digitization& Remote Sensing 


Data green is a global award-winning, robust and flexible platform backed by ICT, Geospatial, AI & ML, Blockchain, Data analytics which captures farmer information at the field and has been adopted over 2.4 million ha of farmlands, enriching lives of over 1 million+ farmers while working with 150+ organizations spread across 28 countries with wide coverage of 350+ crop signatures so far. SourceTrace has a comprehensive set of applications to manage the agriculture value chain external devices and systems with relative ease.

  1. Data is collected on an android mobile device in the field, often in scattered, remote and multiple locations. The technology can function as effectively in low bandwidth or no bandwidth conditions & across remote and scattered locations, it can capture data in 14 languages.

  2. The application allows the field staff to capture field-level information of all the critical data required as a part of operations and keep the management informed of the status in realtime.

  3. The GPS coordinates and the visual data of the environment is transmitted to the servers for management/experts review and ensure that the farmers comply with the best practices. It has both web and mobile platforms. Remote sensing and AI/ML are used in crop yields, advisory and pest & disease management. Blockchain technology is used in securing data where big data is involved, especially when it comes to solutions like Traceability. Company has invested remarkably in enhancing the platform leveraging more cutting-edge technologies like remote sensing, TECHNOLOGY BRIEF Blockchain, AI/ML for the weather forecast, pest & disease alerts and data security for Traceability. Using the above-mentioned technologies, platform offers a host of eight solutions: farm management, farmer advisory services, certification, traceability, supply chain management, monitoring and evaluation, market linkage and financial services.Traceability is one of the major arms of SourceTrace. Traceability is an increasingly commonelement of public and private systems for monitoring compliance with quality,environmental, and other product and/or process attributes related to food. Traceability istherefore becoming a pre-requisite to establish safety of food products.


1.In a nutshell, applying digital technologies in agriculture promotes efficiency in the use of inputs and resources. It improves both the quality and quantity of yield and produces higher yield in the same amount of land. It reduces the environmental footprint, while reducing risk of many kinds, especially those related to weather and crop health.

2.Smart technologies provide the farmer with support in decision making and increasing the efficiency of operations and management of the farm. These technologies help in timely
pest detection, optimising irrigation, estimation of yield and even crop insurance.
3.Source Trace solutions make agriculture sustainable and empower smallholder farmers.
chain all the way to the first mile to enable small farmers to participate in global markets.
4.Providing greater access to global markets and customers.
Improving productivity through efficient use of inputs and reliable procurement processes.
5.Minimising risk by access to timely knowledge and Information.
Source Trace applications provides complete visibility from field to market and tracks the value chain at the source even in remote, low bandwidth environments.


Deployed in large scale 


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SourceTrace platform is being used by all players in the Agri Value Chain, our target customer base
ranges from small co-operatives, farmer producer companies to large agribusiness & food processing
companies and Government agencies.All of SourceTrace’s solutions are targeted at making the agriculture value chain more transparent and equitable for everyone, right from the farmers and suppliers to retailers and consumers


1.SourceTrace farmer centric mobile applications help manage the agriculture value chain all the way to the last mile to enable smallholder farmers participate in global markets.
2.SourceTrace platform is highly scalable from small co-operatives, farmer producer companies to large agribusiness corporations and government agencies working in the sustainable development sector. For example, the smallest customer we support is a 400 marginal tribal farmers producer company called Adivasi Mitra in South Eastern part of India and the largest customer is Cargill Cocoa and Chocolate managing more than 220,000 cocoa
It took some time to get a good traction in the marketplace, but we have been scaling nicely since last couple of years and achieved breakeven commercially which is a major milestone.
3.This year, we are expected to double the farmers reach and by 2022 Source Trace is targeting to impact 10 million farmers. 


1.DataGreen is an innovative solution and we are trying to apply the most modern and sophisticated mobile technologies to the grass roots level, and it is bound to pose some challenges. Some of the most common challenges we encounter are:
2.Low literacy levels of field staff. Need to support multiple local languages just English does not cut it.
3.Farmer Organizations are reluctant to pay the recurring subscription fees.
4.Often times, field staff is reluctant to adopt these technologies as they fear of losing, control over the field operations and fear the close monitoring and scrutiny from their superiors.


The costing is based on the number of farmers and can be scaled up from a few hundreds to a few
thousands. Ideally we follow one time licence fee and ongoing subscription fee model.


We work with agriculture companies, Govt bodies, Development sector and NGOs as well as allied sectors, etc. in holistic manner with a vision to ensure farmer get access to right skills, technologies, market and financial inclusion. Sourcetrace helps farmers to meet the following objectives.
   1.Enhancing the livelihoods of smallholder and marginal farmers with increase in income and availability of             quality crops.
    2.Increased resilience in health and wellbeing of the farmers
   3.Ensuring improvement in production and productivity
   4.Reducing yield gap with focused interventions
   5.Augmenting market interventions
   6.Meeting the climate challenges
   7.Providing sustainable growth in agriculture sector
Our DataGreen solutions benefit farmers, aggregators and consumers. It helps farmers by imparting
smarter agricultural practices, weather forecasts, timley advice and more. Our solution provides them
step by step guidance on how to increase yield and maintain soil and plant health.
ood and earn higher incomes so that
they can lift themselves and their communities out of poverty and hunger.
On average our customers have reported productivity increases of 10-15 percent, enabled faster
payments, in one instance, the payment cycle has been reduced from six weeks to two weeks.




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