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Soilsens Station


Soilsens Station

(Soil Monitoring System with indigenous sensors)



  • Li-ion battery charged by solar
  • Modular design
  • Ease for use
  • Low power signal processing unit
  • Wireless communication
  • Four sensors for farm specific data
    • Soil moisture sensor
    • Soil temperature sensor
    • Ambient humidity sensor
    • Ambient temperature sensor
  • GSM for communication
  • Data sent using
  • Data displayed on mobile/cloud
  • Programmable data frequency (1hr to 8hrs or more)

Stage of adaption: Cultivation Planning Stage /Cultivation Stage


   SoilSensTM Station is a smart system with multiple sensors and IoT to capture field specific data about soil moisture, soil temperature, ambient humidity and ambient temperature. These parameters are sent to the cloud for real-time analysis. Based on the analysed data, farmers get advisory on mobile app. If farmers are not having smart phone, same advice can be sent to him through SMS.

Data is available on the dashboard in real time. The frequency at which data is received is programmable. Data is received through SIM card which is installed in the system. Farmer gets alerts on his mobile app which is available with the system. With this system, farmer can improve yield, save water, reduce crop loss due to disease and pests.

Technical Specifications of Soilsens Station

  • Works on Lithium Ion battery
  • Solar power (optional)/Battery pack for charging the battery
  • Soil moisture Sensor
  • Soil Temperature Sensor
  • Ambient Humidity Sensor
  • Ambient Temperature Sensor



Sensor data on SoilSens dashboard