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Unified Market Platform (UMP)

NCDEX e Markets Ltd
Stage of adaption: Post-harvest stage


The UMP is a cloud-based SAS platform deployed on AWS Cloud. The entire solution is parametrized and can be scaled up very quickly. The solution has detailed workflows for managing complete operations of an Agricultural Market / Mandi. The solution has both the mobile based App and web based Interface for easy deployment and mobility. External devices such as mobile printers, boom barriers, scan readers and electronic weighing scales can be integrated with the solution, thereby making it one of the most adaptable solution for a large work area solution. UMP can be deployed using a WAN / Wi-Fi over the entire market area with mobile app interfaces. The complete tech stack of our solution is:

Application Deployment: AWS Cloud

            File Storage:                  S3 Bucket and Glacier Service provided by AWS

             Database Server:          Postgres Aurora v9.6.8, RADIS

            Application Server: IIS (Dot net) and Apache Tomcat (Java applications)

Aplications Services:


                       a.       Java:

i.               Client: HTML 5, Angular JS, Bootstrap ii.            Server: JAVA EE, Spring MVC framework

                       b.     Dot net:

i.    Client: ASP.Net, HTML 5, Javascript ii.   Server: C#.Net MVC, Web API (REST)

                       c.    Android:

Android SDK with Java based API and TCP services

Deployments and Version Control: Apache Maven, Tortoise SVN. 


Agriculture by its nature is season and cyclical in nature. This exposes the technology / solution to surges / fluctuations in terms of usage. The Seasonal demand can rise dramatically, thereby giving little or no time to prepare for a scale up. Similarly in the sowing season, one sees a dip in arrivals at the markets / mandis. The extensive use of AWS  cloud allows us to handle both vertical as well as horizontal scaling.

The technology has ensured fair and transparent price discovery to the farmer for his produce. A study by NITI Ayog 2018 established that the state of Karnataka which implemented UMP, the farmer in the state has benefitted from better realisation to his produce.

     Gate Entry: Capture of every single arriving bag / lot gives a true picture of arriving commodity

 Grading: The facility to capture grade and tag each lot along with the farmer name, allows the produce to attract the right price

 E-Auctions: Various price discovery algorithms allow each commodity to discover the right price for the right lot / commodity

 Confirmations / Allotment: The system driven allotment / confirmations brings in complete transparency and the farmer gets the best price for his produce.

 Real time dissemination of information / prices helps in building long term liquidity to the market place.

 Clearing & Settlement: UMP has inbuilt clearing and settlement module, which ensure that trades executed are settled within the same day. This module also has bank interfaces built in, ensuring that the movement of the funds is seamless.

 Complete Automation: End to end automation of the complete working of the mandi has ensured that the work flow is fully traceable and transparent. This saves lot of time to farmer and gives him confidence in the market place.

 E-Permit : The e-Permit enables to track the movement of the agricultural produce across the state or intra state. Thereby giving the government key data of consumption and movement of commodities.


Deployed in large scale 

This solution is deployed across the state of Karnataka across 162 APMC markets. The usage is quite wide and a look at the details of activity will give an insight of the scale:

                Total user: 67,148

                Total No. of Markets (deployed): 162

                Distinct commodities across markets: 1,538

                Approximate total lots, last financial year (2019-2020): 48,61,132

This solution is deployed in the state of Tamil Nadu as well along with the Turmeric market of Erode.


Technology not Protected 


 Certified by STQC certified auditors.


 UMP is targeted towards large / medium mandis or agriculture market places. The solution is Cloud based SAS offering end to end workflow and complete automation/digitalisation of the market management system.

In India since agriculture is state subject, the primary customers are the State Governments and other Government agencies.

NeML is mandated by a leading South Indian State Government organisation, to develop India’s first and only comprehensive live e-market platform for buying and …



UMP is currently deployed for 162 distinct markets. The solution is cloud based and is hosted in  – AWS. The solution architect allows for both vertical and horizontal scaling.


None encountered so far. We have been able to successfully scale up from single market to 162 plus distinct markets.


Since this is a SAS model, the Unit cost of product / License does not apply. The costing is

Incorporated in October 2006 as NCDEX Spot Exchange, NeML is a wholly owned subsidiary of NCDEX (majority owned by LIC, NABARD, IFFCO, PNB, Canara Bank, NSE). NeML has evolved as a thought leader in enhancing the efficiency of regulated primary agricultural markets in the country.

NeML appoints Mrugank Paranjape as MD, CEO.


We at NeML are very happy and proud to mention that, our UMP solution successfully seeded the concept for e-NAM across India, thereby giving the Indian farmer a fair price discovery mechanism along with transparent settlement process. UMP has impacted the lives of farmers across the state of Karnataka and this has been documented by a 2018 NITI Ayog study. The impact of UMP has been studied by various renowned educational institutions from USA and Japan alike. Multiple Government delegations have visited our deployments in the past 6 years to study and observe its successful Implementation. The UMP project has been awarded both at National and International level as well.




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