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Vasudhaika Software Private Limited 


Farmers do not easily respond to digital initiatives. And piecemeal digitisation serves limited purpose. We have built a digital agri-convergence platform where all stakeholders interact digitally through a gratification model keeping the farmer as the centre of all activities. 

Information & advisory dissemination services enable bidirectional communication between extension officers and the farming community at scale enabling appropriate micro targeting using machine learning. 

Inputs marketplace – Anticipated and aggregated marketplace that helps in negotiating with business for quality inputs and timely delivery at competitive prices through assisted ecommerce 

Outputs marketplace – Matchmaking aggregated produce with potential businesses, processors and exporters with Escrow services to facilitate trade increase marketplace opportunities. Unique provision of contextual traceability to all activities from farmer details, location, soil profile, cropping pattern, to advisories, to inputs used, harvesting techniques to processing and packing. This value add enables value add trade. 

Consumer store- Provides an e-marketplace for farmers and SHGs to sell products online to end consumers directly.


Through Kalgudi, following benefits are observed

      1. Micro targeted advisories are received by farmers. Farmers can raise queries and receive responses from experts.

      2. Universities, research organizations, scientists, students, etc., are able to reach geographically distributed farmers and run different types of extension services.

      3. While new technology demonstrations and training are focussed targeted farmers, through success stories and recommended messages nearby farmers who are part of the Kalgudi ecosystem know about the benefits selected/opted in farmers are getting.

      4. Enabled other technologies like IoT etc. to run their interventions and monitor the results effectively.

      5. Input procurement in an e marketplace through aggregation helped in getting inputs upto 20% below market price. Credit period, free delivery are bonus based on negotiations.

      6. Output market linkages provide farmers and farmer groups with much needed bargaining power where multiple buyers interact directly, avoiding intermediaries. Fully transparent contextual traceability from farmer profile, practices, inputs, harvest and processing provides the entire chain higher value for their activities.

      7. Direct sales to end customers (B2C) helped farmers not only in providing value added services like grading, cleaning, ripening, transportation on a case to case basis and gaining more than what they previously experienced.

Simulations such as ater game created for a  Big data conference to enable the scientific community to understand crop diversification dynamics between farmers when constraints are applied on availability of critical resources like water



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Kalgudi platform is built on open source technologies, running on cloud. Kalgudi is accessible through mobile devices as well as web browsers. Kalgudi is supporting 5 million users already and is capable of supporting a lot more users. Supporting more users is seamless with our distributed architecture.

Kalgudi uses big data technologies including graphDB, lambda services, and many AI & ML algorithms. Commodities and interactions are standardized to avoid information asymmetry.

Kalgudi is available in local languages. Considering data connectivity challenges in remote rural areas, it accepts inputs offline and seamlessly adds these to the platform when connectivity is restored


known limiting factors. Software scales seamlessly. 


Kalgudi works in multiple business models. 

 For farmers, Kalgudi is free to use.

 For donor organizations or organizations who are supporting focussed interventions, INR 150/- per annum in SaaS model. However this pricing can be negotiated depending on scale.

 For digitalization FPOs or similar, INR 150 per member per annum, minimum of INR 25000/- per annum.

 For SHG, only success fee for the products that are listed. If SHG needs help in on boarding their products then, we charge one-time fee of INR 2000/- product  Agri-Input companies will pay for successful transaction.

 Exporters, Processors and traders will pay service fee for traceable produce





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