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India success story of CSIR Technology absorption - efforts at grassroots - level developmental work

Soleckshaw - Solar Powered Rickshaw

“The concept of Soleckshaw owes its genesis to the realization that the dignity of human labour needs to be upheld while ensuring sustainable environment and that all devices must be designed to decrease human strain and also green house gas emission.” Scientific Social Responsibility is one such niche area of scientific behavior and governance that needs to get aggressively addressed and implemented tactfully in the organizations.

In the busy streets of cities, mainly in Asian subcontinent, we find many tricycles and auto rickshaws. Auto rickshaws are driven by fossil fuel, which produces too much environment pollution. On the other hand tricycles or cycle rickshaws are used bear heavy drudgery to carry two no of passengers and suitable for narrow streets at a speed below 20 Km/hr. Introduction of Solar Powered Motor assisted pedicab has been thought to be a wise prerogative, mainly in the busy and narrow streets of cities and the rural area for traveling distance of 5-10 km daily. Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute (CMERI) has developed Soleckshaw of which rear wheels are driven by manual power and front wheel is driven by Brush Less DC (BLDC) electric hub motor. The vehicle is powered by battery, which is charged at a solar power charging station during off time. This vehicle provides driving comfort with reduced drudgery to the driver due to addition of electric motor.Simultaneously, few Licensees are producing rear wheel drive PMDC motor based SOLECKSHAW, for ease of maintenance and availability.

1. Water Proof Canopy
2. Battery space
3. Mechanical support
4. Comfortable seat
5. Base frame
6. Vertical frame
7. Front fork
8. Handle
9. Thrust bearing
10. Controller box
11. Front wheel
12. BLDC hub motor
13. Throttle

4. Right lever
15. Pedal crank
16. Chain
17. Driven sprocket
18. Override mechanism
19. Right axle
20. Left axle
21. Right wheel
22. Left wheel
23. Right braking system
24. Left braking system
25. Left lever
26. Machined structure

Explore Renewable Energy
The ‘Soleckshaw’ name emanates from the words solar, electric and rickshaw. ‘Soleckshaw’ is environment friendly using solar power for the motorized vehicle. The solar panel is used for charging of the specially designed battery for ‘Soleckshaw’.

  • Explore Renewable Energy
  • Soleckshaw on BLDC Motor
  • Freedom from Grid Power dependency
  • All three Wheel Drive
  • Differential Mechanism for rear wheel
  • Power Assist Mechanism
  • Start by Pedal Power & Pedal Power is Essential
  •  Speed Limit
  • Regenerative Braking

Applications of ‘Soleckshaw’

  •  Traditional passenger / goods carrier
  •  Green vehicle for tourist placesr
  • Personal family vehicle
  • Community transport
  • Mobile Dispensary for midwifery
  • Waste disposal vehicle
  •  Vehicle for the physically disabled
  • School carrier
  • Colony in campus micro transport
  • Trade Show Vehicle
  •  Ice – cream / Fast Food Cart.
  • Postal Carts.

CMERI Durgapur has transferred ‘Soleckshaw’ technology to five companies

  • Modular Machines, Faridabad
  • HBL Ltd, Hyderabad
  • Dean system, Kolkatta
  • Stilam, Faridabad
  • Kinetic Engineering, Pune.

Soleckshaw successfully deployed / demonstrated in

  • Ahemdabad
  •  Chandigarh
  •  Delhi
  •  Durgapur
  •  Faridabad
  • Gurgaon
  •  Jaipur
  •  Kolkatta
  •  Ranchi
  •  Bokaro
  •  Pune
  • Shillong