Intelligent Drones for Agriculture

Intelligent Drones

50 Lakhs trees in 12,000ha…1000 seeds per drone flight planted & 100+ women empowered

Empowered over 100+ women till date to seed over 400 ha of forests

Seedcopter dispersed over 15,000 seeds, covering 320 ha within a single day at Veeranapalli forest of Sircilla in Telangana
Plant up to 1,000 seeds per drone flight at the rate of one seed ball per second thereby reducing labour cost, reduced time
Afforestation using Seed Copter drone-50 lakh trees in ~12,000 hectares of land in forests across all the 33 districts of Telangana in 2021
1 Ha
Empowered over 100+ women till date to seed over 400 ha of forests

Marut Drones is pioneering the advent of Intelligent Agriculture in India by facilitating the prevention, spraying and prediction of crop losses. We provide a comprehensive drone solution that offers UAV based Hyperspectral and Multispectral Imaging, Data Analytics and Machine Learning to aid Crop Diagnostics and Targeted Spraying, mapping of fields for various outputs.

Technology Brief

Specific targeted interventions will be staged in the affected areas with the help of UAVs

Granular Spreading Drone

The drone is designed specially for seeding, fertilisation, and plant protection.

Intelligent Spraying Drone

The autonomous drone is equipped with a 10/16 litre tank to spray efficiently and uniformly over the flight area without resource wastage.

Seed Sowing Drone

 The drone spreads seeds evenly across the flight area, reducing the chances of human inefficiency. These drones can be used for direct sowing of paddy.

Hybrid drone

Oil electric Hybrid drones can also be utilised for above operations with enhanced flight time and reduced costs

Battery powered Drone


  • Payload Capacity: 10 Litre
  • Flight Time: 20 Minutes
  • Flight Mode Options: Manual / Semi-Autonomous / Autonomous
  • Flight Speed: Upto 10 m/s (Recommended upto 5 m/s)
  • GPS and Radar for uniform, efficient and precision spraying
  • Continuous Operation Data Monitoring
  • Uniform spray through 2-3 pressurized nozzle and rate of flow is controllable through remote control
  • Intelligent drone: return to launchpad when tank is empty
  • Battery options: LiPo, Lithium Ion
  • Frame: Quadcopter and HexaCopter

Hybrid drone


  • Payload capacity: 16 litres
  • Engine: Battery powered or Petrol powered
  • Petrol tank capacity: 3.5 litres


Petrol powered engines give high endurance covering large acres in one flight, increasing operational efficiency and significant cost savings. As battery also provided as a backup option, the operations can be continued smoothly in case where petrol is not available.

Crop Monitoring and Diagnostics Drones

  • The UAV is equipped with hyperspectral/multispectral imaging, data analytics, and machine learning to capture data to capture data as it follows a flight plan
  • The data will be analysed to create prescription maps to determine areas with nutrients deficiency, predict pest attacks, etc.
  • The areas are regularly monitored to detect crop stress and diseases

Crop Mapping Drones

This drone gives standard outputs such as

  • Orthophoto with <5cm accuracy
  • Contour Model File
  • Point Cloud

Upon generation of standard deliverables, the following additional deliverables will add value to the survey by giving actionable insights:

  • Contour slope direction (This will show the direction of slope, allowing rain water Management)
  • Cut & Fill volume reports of pits if any (For creating water catchments)
  • GIS digitized Map showing features and their count (such as trees, pathways, roads, structures etc.)
  • Area and Extent analysis of assets (such a rice fields, mango plantation etc.)
  • Change detection (Surveys conducted over an interval of time, allows to monitor the change if landscape through various seasons)


  • Spraying of pesticide timely and efficient fashion
  • Reduces crop loss risks due to pests and thereby increasing farmers incomes
  • No external health impacts on sprayer
  • Early detection of pests and timely interventions
  • Enhanced farm productivity
  • Maintaining supply demand through farm area mapping and yield estimation
  • Smart water management

technology readiness

Test Marketing Completed- Ready for Commercialisation

Intellectual Property

Technology Not Protected


Not Applicable

Target Customers

  • Small, Marginal and larger farmers
  • FPOs
  • Plantations
  • Corporate clients like pesticide companies, seeds companies etc
  • Academic and research institutes


  • Marut Dronetech has planned to promote rural youth as franchisees for providing drone-based farm services. Marut has already identified more than 15 franchisees.
  • FPOs can also be promoted as franchisees for drone services
  • Marut will partner with potential partners including Agricultural Universities and NGOs to establish farm services centres in which multi-purpose drones will be deployed

Limitations In Commercialisation

  • Smaller farm sizes limits efficiency in operations
  • Higher logistic costs for spraying drone transport (can be overcome by maintaining local hubs)
  • Dependency on some import equipment for manufacturing
  • Funding issues in agriculture sector

Technology Cost

  1. Quadcopter drone 10L and Lithium Ion Batteries (1 set) – Rs 6.3 lakhs
  2. Hybrid drone 16L – Rs 13.5 lakhs

Social Impact

  • Farmers- Reduced crop losses, higher incomes, minimizes risk factors, enhanced farm productivity
  • Field Workers– No health issues due to pesticides
  • Local youth– Employability in emerging technologies
  • Society – Assured food security
  • Environment – Reduced pollution due to rational use of pesticides, Climate Smart Agricultur


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