Integrated Agriculture Management and Information System


Cropin is a global leader in providing digital Agriculture platforms solving critical agricultural problems across the world.

Benefits reaped by 1,50,000 globally

Benefits reaped by 3,59,000 farmers nationally
International - Cashew value chain digitization program, Mozambique: 1,50,000 farmers across 2, 50, 000 acres
Advisories sent (SMS) : 150590
1 Mi
Digitised 2.1 Million farmers and 6.5 million Ha of land across 52 countries with 384 crops and 3500+ varieties

A/Jeevika SLAAC - Implementation of climate resilient practices from sowing to harvesting decisions - driven by 200+ women VRP’s in 2 districts of Bihar & Madhya Pradesh

Govt of Punjab, PAGREXCO - E2E traceability & efficiency in seed potato production supply chain in 4 districts across 25,000 acres

Technology Brief

CropIn offers a suite of fully integrated smart products solving the larger agriculture problem covering every aspect from seed to plate – Crop Planning , Production Management , Post harvest management and Market Linkage through a FULL STACK digital platform. Its AI and Analytics layers leverage Satellite, Weather and Ground data to build large scale prediction models for crops , Stages , Stress and Yield.

This platform is fully developed and ready for delivering services for Integrated agriculture management information System strengthening the new vision of the state , challenging all the disruptive drivers and streamlining into process driven agriculture and integrated value chain participation.

The Integrated value chain approach to solving agriculture crisis

CropIn offers Complete digital platform with 5 core products (SmartFarm, mWarehouse , SmartRisk , SmartSales and AcreSquare) , a BI layer for analyzing data for real time decision making and a service layer integrating all data sourced from satellites , Weather stations , Drones , IOT;s & Machines. The overall platform is fully integrated through existing systems ensuring quick implementation of programs and seamless data exchange.

The Overall platform offerings

CropIn provides a comprehensive platform for government and agribusinesses globally, enabling to analyse & interpret data and derive real time actionable insights on standing crops with projects spanning various geographies. CropIn brings in cutting-edge technologies – Big Data analytics, Artificial Intelligence & Satellite monitoring to interconnect all the stakeholders at different levels of the agriculture ecosystem. The intuitive, intelligent, ever-evolving and self-learning system takes in information from various sources like weather, satellite and ground data and delivers targeted solutions to the government.

Smart Farm

SmartFarm is a global award-winning, robust and flexible Production management solution that enables complete digitization of farms and farmers. It empowers data-driven decision-making and provides complete visibility of people, processes, and performance on a near real-time basis. It connects farmers seamlessly with the organization and ensures the management of the standard package of practices and adherence to compliance and certification. It also helps farmers from pest and crop-health related issues and meticulously manages over-spending and maximizing return on investment.

Smart Ware

SmartWare: The post-production supply chain would be managed through the Smartware platform. The batches produced will be earmarked with unique QR codes throughout its journey from receiving farmers harvest to forming lots and batches to storing grading sorting operations till it is finally packaged or processed into SKU’s which can be purchased by the end consumers. These finished products are labeled with a unique QR code generated by the system to uniquely identify their journey from farm to the consumer.

End customer Traceability solution for promoting Exports

SMART Anti Counterfeit Measures to Gain Customers trust - Non Replicable QR code tracker


MarketPlace : is a technology solution to integrate sellers (farmers) and buyers in the agriculture value chain. This is a unique mobile and web based application that connects the buyers (retailers, kirana stores, end consumers etc) directly with the farmer/sellers. The application can also incorporate warehouse management, customer relationship management, and last mile delivery.

The technology would ideally be used by government agencies or any other procurement companies who supply to local kirana stores, retailers, and even end consumers directly.


SmartRisk™ is a unique agri- AI/ML solution leveraging multiple sources of data including ground data, weather, and satellite-imagery. The platform combines a cutting edge deep learning engine with interactive, user friendly interfaces. It is a predictive and prescriptive solution for forecasting intelligence. The AI and Machine-learning based platform detects cropping patterns and predicts the future of the crop, thus highlighting the associated risk and opportunity for agri-stakeholders. The government can achieve farm-level crop detection and yield prediction through the SmartRisk capabilities that can also establish the historical performance of every pixel at farm/postcode/state/country level. This enables them to hedge risk and take informed strategic decisions. This technology would help the government have an accurate view at the state level of the acreage under each crop of interest, expected yield and historic growing pattern. This kind of information is helpful in planning the supply chain and logistics, and deciding the market prices.


AcreSquare – Farmer Application for direct communication channel with the farmers in Local Language. The AcreSquare application will help GoT to engage with the farmers across the state. This platform will allow the government to promote and educate the best agricultural practices to the farmers. Farmers can get information related to the markets, and trending information pertaining to agriculture. Also, farmers can start purchasing the inputs like seeds, chemicals and fertilizers through the application. So the application will come handy to the farmers to manage their each season of production in a planned manner.

  • Get the best practices by the subject matter experts
  • Calendar wise activity planning with steps to follow
  • Provision to purchase inputs for better crop production
  • Government can publish various agricultural schemes which will benefit farmers
  • Advisories for the pest and disease infestations
  • Farmers can call the farmer assistance center for more assistance


Stakeholders involving Government: The other matrix of measuring impact would be to ensure management of Cost , revenue and Risk for all the stakeholders involved by co sharing of data and insights across the value chain .

1. During Planning Season

  • Preparing comprehensive Farmer and Land Mapping on a Digital Platform with geo
  • Mapping area under cultivation for each crop (Historical and Current) – Satellite Based
  • Mapping Soil and water stress areas in the state for crop selection planning and planning crop selection based on them
  • Ensuring Market led production planning and tracking of sowing through both Digital extension team as well as leveraging Satellite

2. During Crop Cultivation

  • Seed Distribution and Right time for sowing advisory
  • Agronomic training and Advisory ( Online as on field training & Demonstrations ) with public and private extension teams .
  • In season crop production management from sowing till harvest – GAP , Input and chemical recommendations
  • Capturing Field insights through mobile apps for real time decision
  • Harvest Forecasting and production planning – 4 Week in Advance
  • Market Linkage for buyer seller matchmaking

3. Post Harvest Benefits

  • Post harvest supply chain management with focusing on Inventory at multiple locations like Collection centers, cold rooms, processing lines. Also managing processing activities, customer and market Farm to fork traceability.
  • Fulfilling the orders with exact specifications
  • Tool include mobile application and web application to manage the inventories, processing and to create traceability QR codes
  • Receive and reconcile the harvest lots and generate invoice for the growers
  • Manage inventory in most efficient FIFO method
  • Manage process for the customer order and generate QR codes
  • Provide traceability to each punnet, box, bin and Pallet
  • Map the parameters like if the inventories are stored properly, if the QR code is intact, if the item is stored in the desired temperature

4. Marketplace

  • Better price realisation for farmers with reduced length of supply chain
  • Improved efficiency of logistics for both backward and forward integration
  • All transactions are digitized, ensuring government has complete visibility of the volumes and economies
  • Better transparency reduces post-harvest losses due to lack of scheduling, logistic lapses,

technology readiness

Deployed in large scale

Majority of our Customers are Individual Farmers (80+ Nos. of Farmers) spready across Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. In addition to Individual Farmers, we have provided Drone Spraying R&D and Commercial Pilot services to numerous Agrichemical Companies and Agri Service Providers. We have worked with Global Agrichemical companies such as Bayer, Syngenta and are in talks with other top global and Indian agrichemical companies. One of our objectives is to test and validate majority of the Agrichemicals out there so that every farmer has access to this technology going forward.

Client NameUse CaseCation
DoA KarnatakaFarm Demonstration digitization under “Krishi Prerana” Scheme and equipping them with climate-resilient agricultural practices resulting in improved productivity and increased income.
Advisories were sent for specific crop practices adopted by the farmer and involved all stages including sowing practice , Irrigation , Good Agricultural practices , Pest and Disease Management and Harvest Planning
Number of Registered Farmers: 3.5 Lacs Digitized Area: 4.5 lacs hectares Advisories sent (SMS): 150590
30 Districts in Karnataka
Jeevika SLAACImplement climate-resilient practices among farmers being led by
100 women VRPs, who were driving the initiative in their villages to help fellow farmers from sowing till harvesting decisions. The platform is being used to provide advisories for livestock farmers.
● Villages Covered: 100+ villages
● Farmers: 4,000+ farmers
● Districts in Bihar: Gaya & Madhubani
● Project implementation period: 8 seasons
● No. of Plots covered: 18698
● Crop varieties covered: 80 Varieties
● On-field Manpower deployed- 40
Gaya and Madhubani districts in Bihar
AJeevika SLAACThe program was implemented across 6 seasons and 100 mobile- led women VRP’s were driving the initiative in their villages to help fellow farmers from sowing till harvesting decisions.
● Villages Covered: 100+ villages
● Number of farmers: 4,000+ farmers
● Districts: Sheopur & Mandla
● Project implementation period: 8 seasons
● No. of Plots covered: 5026
● Crop varieties covered: 20 Varieties
Sheopur and Mandla districts in MP
Govt of Punjab
End to End Traceability of seed potato production supply chain efficiency and ensure traceability through web and mobile-based platform ensuring monitoring of production, harvest & marketing. Farmers receive periodic agro advisories (PoPs) to maintain the standard of production as well as pest & disease remedial advisories. The project is being implemented by a team of 10 field Coordinators managed by Cropin Block Coordinators.
Districts: 4 (Jalandhar, Kapurthala, Hoshiarpur and Nawanshahr)
Area Covered: 25000 Acres.
4 districts
25000 Acres
INCAJUThe cashew value chain digitization program was funded by Technoserve and implemented by the Government of Mozambique covering 1,50,000 cashew farmers. This involves training & development, capacity building programs to the farmers to improve the cashew cultivation.

Right from the nursery activities to commercial Cashew cultivation the CropIn platform is being used by the INCAJU team to manage the activities in a planned manner.

Number of Farmers: 1,50,000
Number of Acres: 2,50,000
Number of Field officers: 300 to 800
Platform Usage: 3 Years
NABARD KarnatakaDigitization of member farmers of the FPO in Magadi, Karnataka. The project involves the digitization of the farmers, enabling them with the package of practices, weather-based advisories, and market linkages. The project was signed in Sep 2019 and is being implemented now.
● Crops covered: Orchard crops, flowers, vegetables, and cereals
● Number of Farmers: 1000
1 District

Intellectual Property

IP filled yet to be awarded


  • CropIn is ISO 27001:2013 certified company and products conform to
  • Several Government and Multilateral programs including the World Bank , IFC , DFID , USDIA, FAO have been using the platform
  • Won several global accolades including world bank covid innovation , UNDP SEA Challenge , AI Innovation Challenge 2019 by Government of Maharashtra – 2019 etc

Target Customers

Our vision is to work with 20 million farmers by 2022 and so we are focusing on partnering with the Government and development sector as they cater to the largest farmer base. Besides this our other B2B focus includes

  1. Farming & Food Processing
  2. Input and Agri Machinery
  3. Banking and Insurance
  4. Telecom Sector
  5. Commodity Trader


The platform has already digitised 2.1 Million farmers and 6.5 million Ha of land across 52 countries with 384 crops and 3500+ varieties. The platform is architected to service over 20 million farmers at scale.


Availability of Satellite Images during cloud cover is a challenge however we are building models based on SAR fusion technology to cover these challenges.None

Technology Cost

Farmer as the Nucleus of the program : The core benefit of the platform would be to ensure complete empowerment of farming community ensuring their economic and social interests are safeguarded while the long term sustainability of the environment Soil , Water and Air is ensured.

Social Impact

SatSure operates in the nexus of food, water and energy targeting sustainability goals. This has helped us work on problems like financial inclusion, food security, sustainable
infrastructure, and climate change action. More than 400,000 loans have been provided in the last 24 months by its banking customers using SatSure’s solutions which has led to reduction in the NPAs of the bank and more financial coverage for farmers.



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