Satellite based Decision Intelligence for Agricultural Value Chain


Winner of Agriculture Grand Challenge organized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of India, under crop yield estimation criteria.

More than 3 Lakh farmers reaped benefits across India

Increased the financial coverage to farmers and reduced NPA’s to banks by providing more than 4,00, 000 loans using SatSure solutions
Evacuated more than 12000 people during Kerala floods
Enabled crop insurance claim settlement for more than 3,00,000 farmers across India
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More than 80+ farmers in the State of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh have benefitted from our solutions

SatSure’s products are being used today for multiple projects targeting climate resilient agriculture, sustainable agriculture in biodiverse areas, improving financial access with banking and insurance clients globally.

“Various studies by national and international organizations including World Bank,have shown that the use of satellite, weather, soil, and crop data, along with images/video capture of crop growth at various stages and accurate sample CCE data collection can improve the yield data quality”

Technology Brief

SatSure’s bespoke geospatial big data platform combines satellite imagery, proprietary algorithms,with weather, IoT, drone imagery, social and economic datasets, and cadastral amongst others togenerate near real time location specific insights. The following components are a part of SatSure’s core technology.

Satellite Big Data & cloud computing

Satellite image processing is a compute intensive activity, dueto the large data size and pre-processing requirements. The rich historical archives of satellite imagedata & increased frequency of observations has lead to time-series analysis of satellite images,providing a unique observation method for crop detection, performing change detection in crophealthandmoisture, leadingtoinsight generationata large scale.

Artificial Intelligence

SatSure’s crop detection algorithms make use of Artificial intelligence for crop pattern recognition,along with regular training data collection through ground surveys to validate the results which arises due differences in farming techniques and irrigation availability.

Data Analytics

SatSure uses data science in combination with geospatial sciences for better services to farmers and data-drive government scheme implementation.


SatSure’s solutions provide transparency and symmetry to the agricultural information delivered andhelps digitise the agriculture across an area of interest.The technology provides location, time andvolume signals which form a critical component of any use case in the agricultural value chainimprovingoperational andbusinessefficiency.Someexampleareasfollows:

  • Helping banks to lend more by improving their risk resolution and loan recoveries
  • Helping governments to provide farmers fast insurance claim settlements through remote and
    transparent satellite data analysis of damaged crops
  • Helping farmers through predictive advisories of sowing, commodity prices, and pests

technology readiness

Deployed in large scale

Majority of our Customers are Individual Farmers (80+ Nos. of Farmers) spready across Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. In addition to Individual Farmers, we have provided Drone Spraying R&D and Commercial Pilot services to numerous Agrichemical Companies and Agri Service Providers. We have worked with Global Agrichemical companies such as Bayer, Syngenta and are in talks with other top global and Indian agrichemical companies. One of our objectives is to test and validate majority of the Agrichemicals out there so that every farmer has access to this technology going forward.

Intellectual Property

Technology Not Protected


SatSure is GIIRS RATED A Gold Standard for Social and Environmental Impact, however the kind ofproduct itbuilds (information&analytical services) isnotcertifiableas such.

Target Customers

SatSure operates on  a B2B and a B2G model.Banks and Insurance sector,Government and Multilateral Organisations, Agri Input and Production Companies are the core target segments in the agricultural domain for SatSure.


Satellite imagery forms a major component of the solutions delivered by SatSure. Thus, scalability of the solutions has never been an issue,as SatSure can monitor areas of varying granularity like farms,villages,districts,states and pan country.

Limitations In Commercialisation

The limiting factor for the technology is the number of crops which can be monitored using satellites.It is a technological problem,though almost all the major crops can be monitored with good confidence levels using satellites.

Technology Cost

The cost of the product varies depending on the user, sector and use case. SatSure has focused products for different segments in the agriculture value chain.As a thumb rule,larger the area,lower the product cost.

Social Impact

SatSure operates in the nexus of food, water and energy targeting sustainability goals. This has helped us work on problems like financial inclusion, food security, sustainable
infrastructure, and climate change action. More than 400,000 loans have been provided in the last 24 months by its banking customers using SatSure’s solutions which has led to reduction in the NPAs of the bank and more financial coverage for farmers.



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