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Chairman & Founder Trustee Indian Centre for Social Transformation, a registered public charitable Trust, has been formed to lead such a transformation in India, to meet the needs towards making India a world leader.

Recently was Nominated by Lausanne (Switzerland) based International Institute for Management Development (IMD) as a member of the reputed International Panel of Experts from India for the Annual Executive Survey 2011, 2012, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 which compares the competitiveness of 59 major countries in the world.

Have been a member of the award winning team at the Bangalore Bio 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008 for best presentation, best innovation, best client interaction and best live demo of products, this we created Indian history as this was the first time CSIR Govt. of India IGIB a research Institute and Jalaja Technologyis Bangalore team as Industry partners joined hands together to win this.

Became the first Indian to win an International Award for India for creative Advertising, client: Novo Nordisk for their World poster competition on Human Insulin’s for Diabetes and the award was won for three consecutive years by me for Emerald Advertising

Become the first to win a creative award at the Bangalore Advertising club for the new marketing strategy and campaign developed and released for IODEX Antiseptic sprays products of Eskayef Limited now known as Glaxo Smithkline.

Represented: Steering Committee Member of NMITLI for Bioinformatics Product Development: Genocluster that was completed successfully, that needed co-ordination with research institutions, CSIR, and Industry partners. (Project Span: 3.5 years) As Team India it’s been successfully completed and today this Indigenous product is marketed across India and across the globe.  The New Millennium Indian Technology Leadership Initiative (NMITLI) is the largest public-private-partnership effort within the R&D domain in the country. It looks beyond today’s technology and thus seeks to build, capture and retain for India a leadership position by synergizing the best competencies of publicly funded R&D institutions, academia and private industry.

Represented on the Policy co-ordination National committee for Bioinformatics Training programmes across India and also a Standing Committee Member, Placement Committee of DOEACC. Ministry of Information Technology and Communications:

Represented on the National Apex committee member of Open-Source Drug Discovery (OSDD) which is a CSIR Team India Consortium with Global Partnership with a vision to provide affordable healthcare to the developing world.

Currently Raja Seevan is the committee member leading the Development of the National Digital Platform for Farmer on the Principal Scientific Adviser to the Govt. of India under the Prime Minister of India 

Epashuhaat GPMS Transportal Project wins Pan India implementation PMI Award for Excellence and Architecting Project Management for A New World Order.

Nominated as a member on the C20 which is one of the engagement groups under G20

A total of 10+ original Research Papers published in high impact scientific journals in the world 

With over 37 years of experience from Research and Development, Marketing, Branding and launching of various products for top pharmaceutical companies with combination of IT technical, business development, project management skills. He is responsible for growing Transformation business at Indian CST, globally and drives   the vision. Currently leading a powerful widely experienced team network which is spread across the country who have many successful product / project completion stories to their credit at the National and International level.

Now Chairman & Founder Trustee Indian CST for building relationships, strategic alliances and teaming partnerships and contributing to OSDD, Epashuhaat, KisanMitr, Smart Cities to bring in Social Transformation in all walks of life, Working with Govt. of Karnataka’s Department of Health and Family Welfare Services for integrating various projects

GPMS TRANSPORTAL becomes world first cloud computing integrated make in India solution platform

Epashuhaat GPMS Transportal becomes the world’s first only germplasm India market place for doubling the farmers income 

GPMS Transportal for Universal Healthcare also becomes the world’s first where integrating 100’s  of healthcare different systems into a single dashboard  for providing affordable healthcare for all 

KisanMitr and Epashuhaat becomes World’s first digital platforms* supports the movement of ‘friends of the farmers” 

The latest being the insilico validation methodology in open source for finding MTb new 20 novel drugs of which 4 approved drugs which also becomes the world’s first

Geno Cluster developed by us along with Govt of Indian becomes the World’s first and then dedicated it to the nation- it Resulted in the identification of 4 new SARS virus, which led to the invention of CoVaxin vaccine 

The make in India GPMS Transportal integrated Cloud computing platform has significantly impacted Indian citizens lives in the past 14 years. It has transformed education, banking, universal health care, epashuhaat, KisanMitr, e-govenance, iOSDD and agriculture sectors among many others.


Information technology governance and local public financial management reform: the case of Bangalore, India

An American PhD Student from MIT Usa comes to India and does his PhD thesis on the GPMS Transportal and has been awarded PhD