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Establishing India Strategic Development Fund – a Startup Ecosystem Development Fund on a PPP model focusing on KisanMitr, E-Pashuhaat, Universal Healthcare and other such platforms. This fund would be seeded by JV * and *Indian Institutions with a proposed raise from the highest caliber global institutions such as IFC, World Bank, Sovereign Funds, and Pension funds to name a few; and managed by the Indian CST-SPV joint venture, under advice of PSA with the purpose of unleashing the growth of agricultural and general entrepreneurial potential of Indian Entrepreneurs.

Establishing a framework for validating and certifying deserving startups for accessing the Fund to ensure the best of the Funds for good quality startups.

Funding the selected startups with the necessary capital based on the best global practices and guiding them all the way from promising-to-delivering value.

Mentoring the funded startups so that they may thrive in the global markets to enhance Make-In-India brand equity.

Establishing an e-commerce platform that will extend the reach of startups to the global markets. Indian CST will collect convenience charges and transaction fee to maintain and scale up the portal.

Enhancing produce value from Indian startups by introducing them to the Branded through our JV partners access to worldwide retail outlets. Retail Chains

India Strategic Development Fund(India SDF)

This is a societal change management initiative, to address Job creation for India’s demographic dividend by focused capacity building by nurturing the Startup Ecosystem, providing vital global assistance to India’s startups through the following transformation solutions:

Business and Brand Consulting, Design, and Development:
Offering comprehensive assistance with business growth and brand development for Agri. Dairy, MSME,etc startups.

Validation and Certification Framework:
Implementing a robust framework to validate with a 4_Step AI- based RISK and Data evaluation and certify ONLY deserving startups for access to the Fund.

Ecomark Certification Funding:
Allocating essential capital to select startup organizations for Ecomark Certification, aligning with global best practices.

Mentorship for Global Success:
Providing appropriate global mentorship, to funded startups, empowering their global market presence and reinforcing the Make-In-India brand.

Proposing to set up a Indian Mercantile Exchange which will provide financial derivatives market exchange services. This SPV Company under KisanMitr 2.0 will offer futures and options based on interest rates, equity indexes, and foreign exchange brokerage services. Proposed Mercantile Exchange under India Strategic Development Fund serves customers worldwide. Futures Exchange – Commodities- Hedging Spewlaying controls platform*

Value Amplification via Retail Chains:
Enhancing the value of Indian startup products by facilitating access to global retail outlets through our JV partner, Branded Retail Chains.

Sustainable Food, Agri and Dairy Park along with Food innovation Center

Listing on Social Stock Exchanges:
Inclusion on Social Stock Exchanges such as BSE and NSE as necessary.

india strategic development fund

Agri-Fin tech shall enable farmers managing their own accounting and financial statements, helping them maintain their ledger and books of accounts digitally through easy android downloadable mobile app.  




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